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(Ph.D. (Marketing Management) Allameh Tabataba’i, ATU, Iran (Nov2012-Jun 2017

(Thesis The Model of Consumer’s Participation in virtual communities: Antecedents and Social Interaction Consequences (A) CGPA (18.5 out of 20

(Master of Business Administration (Multimedia Marketing) MMU, Malaysia (Oct2008-2011

(Thesis: The influence of social network on customer satisfaction level (A) CGPA (3.62 out of 4

(Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Product & Manufacturing) IAUN, Iran (Oct2003-2008

(Thesis    Role of mechanical sensors to increase productivity (A)   CGPA (3 out of 4



POSITION TITLE                                                                                Jan 2013 – Nov 2014

(Pazhoheshkadeh havashenasi, Consultant (Management Consultation

Jul 2005 – Dec 2007

(Ghaem Ghete-Sazan Company, Product Manager (Product and Manufacturing Department

                                                                                                             Mar 2003 – ۲۰۰۵

(Ghaem Ghete-Sazan Company, Product manager assistant (CNC machine maintenance

Payame noor University, Teaching subjects (E-commerce1, E-commerce2, Information Technology and Information System, Organization & Management Principles, strategic Management, Organizational behavior) Jan 2014-2017

(Industrial Management Institute, Teaching MBA (Marketing Management


(World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 81 2011) The Influence of Social Network Websites on of Level of user Satisfaction.

 (۲۰۱۱ International Conference on Economics and Finance Research IPEDR vol.4 (2011) © (۲۰۱۱) IACSIT Press, Singapore) Competitive Priorities and Export Success of Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Firms in Singapore


Effects of Website Marketing Communication on Brand Image conference paper

Consumer’s Participation Model in Virtual Communities (2017) International Journal of E-Business Research (IJEBR). Volume 13 Issue 4 Paper 2


Online social networking, Social Media Marketing, Internet Commerce (repurchase intention), Technology Adaption, CRM, Social Media Marketing, Virtual Community



IELTS (Academic) & (General)

(Special Executive Master Class The new Investment Methods (Certificate Awarded October 30, 2009

(Intensive English Language Programme Advanced Level (Trimester 2, 2008/2009, Grade: A

(Javane Kharazmi Best Research award (Iran in Historical Review) (November 2002

(Special Executive Master Class The International Business Negotiation (Certificate Award January, 2016

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